Reference Data Management

Reference data is subset of master data used for classification throughout entire organization: Whether the data is used externally or internally, it should be consistent. Airport Codes, Country Codes, Airline Logos, Car Rental Reference Data, Hotel Reference Data are some examples of reference data. They are relatively static, low volume sets of permissible standard values used to provide context related to transactions. Because reference data is shared across an organization and is integrated into various systems, reference data needs to be managed properly. So, it is critical that reference data is accurate and consistent and available in various formats to support all technologies for your business. As a result, reference data management is often a critical step.

Flexible Data Formats to support complex and simple formats of reference data

Version Control to maintain Past, Present and Future

Easy Workflow to add, delete and approve

Track Transaction to find failed transactions

Contract Loading and Fare Management

With more than 40+ years of combined experience in Fare Filing and Management, TWAI, is an expert in this domain. We file millions of fares for Airlines, Consolidators/Wholesalers, Online Travel Agents (Online Portals) and Travel Agents. We file fares in ATPCO, GDS (Amadeus FareXpert, Sabre My Fares, Worldspan Securate), and Private Database etc.

  • Over 40+ years of combined experience
  • Fastest turn-around time for loading
  • Most detailed and accurate data entry
  • ATPCO Contracts
  • Commission Contracts
  • Net/Negotiated Contracts
  • Multiple routings
  • Flight restrictions
  • Add-ons
  • Two-Step Quality Checks to reduce errors
  • Reduce costs and increase quality & efficiency
  • Ensure data provides fast searches
  • Data management is done 24x7 by our staff
  • We MANAGE data, not just ENTER data

Automation and Quality Control

It is a revolutionary hosted travel automation platform. This robot can do anything a manual agent can do within the reservation system. This product is an end to end PNR management from QC/Ticketing to Queue Management.

Any kind of fare, payment and any number of segments, this automation software can issue any complex tickets within no time. We work 24/7 as your quality control agent with zero errors.

  • Can connect to any CRS/GDS or Direct Connect
  • PNR Processing and Quality Control (Pre Ticketing and Post Ticketing)
  • Auto ticketing
  • Queue Management
  • HX Segment Processing
  • Schedule Change and Management
  • Identification and elimination of fake ticket number
  • Reduced risk of missed ticket deadlines
  • Send custom notifications to agency/customers
  • Reduces the workload of travel sales consultants
  • Robust, Reliable, Fast and Accurate platform

Loyalty Program Management and Contact Center

We can manage your Loyalty Program where there is no need to reinvent any wheels. We can manage your program in short period of time. In short we can say – Your Program, Our Management. We can manage Loyalty for Airlines to Car to Hotel to Cruise to Ancillary selling platforms, who wish to provide their customers to redeem their loyalty points towards Travel (Air, Hotel, Rental Car, Cruise, Insurance, Activities and so on).